Happy Party

Happy Party

How can I plan a happy party? Find in this party-planning section many party ideas to help you organize your next child party.

1. Decide on a party theme, this will help you go forward with your party planning. Some great suggestions for kid party themes are: Finding Nemo Party supplies, the Mexican Fiesta Party Supplies, Thomas the Tank Party Supplies , Blue dog Pinata, Winnie the Pooh Party Supplies, among many other party ideas. If you haven’t decided yet, click here to find more hot party themes.

2. Once you have your party theme selected and a matching pinatas for boys or pinatas for girls and matching party supplies, it’s time to work on the guest list. For the youngest children it will most likely be family and close friends, but don’t forget that even very young kids feel extra special sharing their big day with their peers.

3. Your home, or the home of a loved one makes the most sense for your little one’s birthday festivities. You want them to feel comfortable and able to relax and enjoy the day and they will be able to do that in a place that’s familiar to them. Have some child party games ready to keep them entertained. A pinata is always an excellent option that every guest enjoys. Check out our party ideas for great suggestions on party activities.

4. Send your invitations out 2 weeks in advance and you may even want to register the party to help family and friends who aren’t familiar with what your child needs, wants, and already has. Be sure to note on the invitation any gift ideas or where you’re registered to help with their gift-buying process.

5. On the day of the child party, try to get your little one down for a nap or at least some quiet time. A well-rested child is a happy child ready to have fun!

As guests arrive, let your child set the pace for party games. If you’re forcing them from one thing to the next, it won’t be fun for anyone.

For child party games, they will enjoy some dancing music (Freeze Dance is always fun!), building blocks, finger paints, stringing round cereal into necklaces, and the like! A couple other party ideas that would work with even the smallest party-goers is play-dough and stickers.

6. TAKE TONS OF PICTURES! Taking those pictures and sharing them on a special web page will take it a fun step further. Or you can share your pictures with us in our special scapbook section. Let us take a look at that special birthday party!

So check your list and find what you need: the hot party theme, party supplies, child party games, party ideas… we have everything you need for your child party!